Reading is all am about, my fist novel was Dr. Seuss ” Cat In the Hat” and ever since I have never dropped the challenge to read almost anything in plain English text. It has taken place in my mind’s eye and made me friends far and beyond my reach, the quest  took turns when I was moved to try my hands on writing.

well It land me a new York bestseller cover, but I hope people enjoy reading what plays in my mind even if it just a page.

I love to write on Ghanaian politics laced with the usual conspiracies “we” have come to be associated with, however I have upcoming write ups on Women, Minority, and faith.

who is my favorite Author? well that is a question I have never answered correctly, it seems to change after every book and trying out a new Author. but somewhere in there in no particular order will be names; like Dan, Brown, Michael Connelly, James Patterson, wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, John Grisham, Jeffery Archer, every time I try this act my greed to add on a few names never runs out. And “yes” Am proudly Ghanaian. Thanks for passing by.



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