Conspirated ledgers and Accounts?

Not only has the story of the UT and Capital bank takeover take center stage of airwaves  since it broke, it has turned laymen into Bankers and investment advisors on the streets, along with a ton of conspiracy theories spring up each day on the sidelines.

I am not a banker and wont try to be here, matter of fact this write-up has nothing to with finance, I personally think we are blowing this take over thing out of proportion, is it because these two banks had something to do with a renowned Pastors as a board member? and the others C.EO who’s is been quoted to have denounced paying his tithe?

The irony for me has always been that from afar it  looks like GCB is a better performing bank, but we all know what they stand for, this move was possible because of their financial strength, but come to think of it am happy there did,  picking up the liabilities and avoiding another front page Saga,

 Going back to the conspiracies, is it really true  that the books of these affected banks were cooked? and at one point they even outperformed the bank they belong to now ?well then that will not be God punishing them,  paying your tithe will not get you out of this. An Akan proverb translate, “If your mm is dead and you claim she is sleeping,  you grieve alone”.

As I write, I ponder how the boardrooms of these two sides will play, as the affected parties are stunned and disarrayed by the move, glasses click on the others side for a successfultakeover. such is life and so will it be, your spoils benefits your victor, “Schadenfreude”.







So what if We found a Watch on Mars?

Just at the end of the past month, Ghana successfully  breached the voids of space by adding its name to the list of countries with a satellites in orbit, a milestone for the country in the front orbital exploration. but come to think of it are we ready to accept the results of  our “space poking” and is its bearing on our faith largely.  like the old theologians asked the evolutionist what if you found a watch in the sand? i ask same of what will be of our faith , say we find a village of  thinking men or aliens or less, a life sustaining planet on any of the planets we are in the rush to discover.

This is no conspiracy or Sci Fi gimmick, there is a satellite up there now, Kepler its called and there have been some before it, and am pretty  certain this wouldn’t the last of Man’s inquisition to know where there is any for of life out there.

Its not the Inquisition that scares me, my woe has always been how we handle the outcome, and not too long ago, the  world could not  handle the controversy when it become bare that Pluto was less of the term “Planet”.  A wise saying in a Akan loosely translate “when you poke a corpse eye you will see its ghost” funny some how our eyes have been literally burnt before, by the apollo conjunctivitis only God   knows what we could have ended up with.

Speaking on this subject issue with a learned cleric, his quote was that “God entreats men to explore the depths of his creation being the universe and everything within  if it is intended to exalt his might”.  but the question I ask is, is that reason behind  billion dollar expense on our voyage into space.  I dare to say  “NO”.