Gamble in the Gulf, a thrilling masterpiece; suspense, murder, love; all in one.

My attempt at writing a feminine inspired thriller based in the Arab world … hope you enjoy my opening ……

It had been 8 years, six month and three days into her life of hiding, she kept tabs, day and night since  it  happened, the indecent that change everything for her, her family, her life. Now she sought shelter in a foreign land, deep under the cover of dusty Gulf deserts. her pick was faultless, it had done the job of keeping her safe for the years, but she also knew  there was a bounty oh her head out there, alive not dead and even thought the talks about her and the tragedy  had died down, she never compromised with her protocols, how to live a new life, a life whose past was fame and glamour, a life of an award-winning  model accused of butchering his husband to death; a heir to dictatorial regime whose wealth and ties made everything possible,

She had to do more to survive.  that was now the life of Francesca Mann a name synonymous with two things, beauty and a beast. 

Her name was now  Arwah,  Arwah  El wahsh, loosely meaning “beauty the monster” she loved it the moment she thought of it and luckily she found a way to hide behind it with closure in the gulf and in Arabic.

Her Grey satin niqabi gave her full body clad, armoring her against the stares and prominence she enjoyed in her previous life, and for a glamour model that meant her life had come to a stand.

The post Jum’ah rush had picked up just as she exited into the fruit and vegetable market in Dammam, it was mid of June and the heat waves and humidity levels were unbearable, with periodic sandstorm sweeping blindly without care for anything in its part. it was a perfect day for a poolside sun tan, but she knew she couldn’t.

Sallam, she spoke flawlessly, Persian Arabic and Farsi like she had been born with it she learnt all that  by herself, blending perfectly like and Arab,  her disguise was full proof,  so she thought, but little did she notice the eyes that had been stealthily tailing her for months, her stalker, she passed by  him and a few Vendors as she moved deeper into the market, little did she know her end was tonight, she had been made.



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