first job first love, waiting tables; traits and qualities I stole on the job.

After Tertiary in Ghana and most part of the world all student are mandate to undertake a year-long compulsory state sponsored  internship programme dubbed  “National service”  ideally intended to instill patriotism and a way contributing to society until it lost it purpose, but that is a conversation for another day. My write up today tales how I stumble into the hospitality industry, and how I fell in love with it, I call it the fine-tuning stage of my life.

At first, it was a bit uncomfortable for me, not only did I know nothing about the trade, It was my first time experiencing  such a bustling work environment and for a “shy Joe” like I was then, I had issues fitting in at a go. But thanks to the efforts and coaching of many Individuals whose naming could take another day, I took to it like a duck to water.

Today I sit far from the Hotel and the Industry for that matter, I have had other jobs, over the years not related to its activities, but thanks to what I gathered whiles on the job I am adequately equipped for any challenge.

The first thing your learn as a waiter is patience, the kind it takes to see a cocoon morph and just as the name of the trade, your duty is to wait on your Guests’ needs  at his “beck and call” they call it, as always, this was a test of ones Ego and composure, but you must endeavor to deliver at all times.

Before I took the waiter job everyone who knew me  could tell I had self-esteem issues, I could barely speak to anyone outside my close circle of friends and much worst when it  came to the opposite sex, even though I haven’t completely gotten over that fear, I can confidently say I am far a better version that my pervious self and constantly bridging the gap a day at a time. Additionally, I was able to relate to different people from diverse backgrounds and personalities, so whether it was business travelers from the Gulf,  Students  from Europe and Australia or Sun seekers from Lebanon, there was always something to share or talk about.

lastly, the trait to smile regardless, of course there are days your tummy might ache, or you just don’t feel like talking but for a waiter there is no such thing like a bad day, your quirks are always hidden, you walk around with a “sixth sense” and thus a divided mind is more or less recipe for a bad remark and for where I worked (a four star milt-national chain) good was the benchmark.

There were some that were just add ons, poise and deportment, neatness, and the ability to sell, the gratuity was the icing on the cake.

my highs were when guest  will asked of your Name, after a fruitful encounter, then you can tell they have cherished your company, the nostalgia still lingers in my mind years on.check out the first job of your favorite celebs


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