Accra-Guangzhou-Accra, How Our quest for everything cheap could be Our end: plastic in my rice.

Our special today is synthetic jollof rice served with collagen injected chicken sauce.

Don’t be surprised, this could be the real deal behind the jargons at your favorite eatery.

Over the weekend and the throughout the month, there has been videos and photos of people realizing their favorite rice meals were actually plastic, for some  it was after a gulp or two,  and the sheer awe for  me was why on earth would someone do such a thing? from the producer to the importer to the chef who cooked it ? didn’t someone notice it was plastic?

funny enough I had  a bowl full of rice just before coming to work and my thought were unsettling could I have also been the next victim?, I couldn’t wait to get home. gracefully after putting my left overs through rigorous testing schemes it passed the test it was real jasmine rice.

The bigger question is who do we blame, China?

where it is more than mere speculation, the origin of such schemes, there has been phony import of almost every thing, beads, textiles & fabric, even Our trademarked “Kente” wasn’t spared. but are they to blame? for a country that allows Intellectual property (IP) counterfeiting and a global manufacturing hub  you are sure to come across knockoffs and fakes however the move from personal effect and electronic gadgets to edibles is disheartening

Secondary School Economics taught us that, demand rises with price  but these nefarious Chinese businesses don’t follow this principle, they will rather keep price stable and pay for the cost of production through ploys like these.

So didn’t the importer see the rice was plastic?

well so long as he or she is not the one eating  they don’t care that much, besides these are mostly  well to do people who would eat the best of the best ( probably local brown rice in this case ) whiles the poor and the ignorant suffer.

For a country which abounds in wetlands and fertile grounds for almost everything that grows it is surprising and shameful when you learn the tonnage of rice we import yearly,  “this fake rice” saga is not just a scare on our health, its repercussions digs deeper as rice has become our favorite staple.  And for the ordinary consumer, don’t be a  price tag buyer, it’s a cheap bargain for your health.




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