“millennials”: underestimated or misunderstood? a modern day dilemma.

“Unfortunately, we are unable to employ you, your skill sets and experience levels are below average”. If you have ever been rejected after a well sought after job  then you might have come across my opening line or a better phrased one, well I have and it had a toll on but sitting here today, I am proud because I learn a thing or two from it.

My story today tries to counter the varied arguments that 21st century businesses, raised about employing “inexperienced” grads, the battle between Experience and Esprit.

The break point as usual is how much they know, of course why should one employ someone who has little or no expertise at their expense, you would have to orient, train and this valuable time that managers may not have,  once they settle there is always the risk of them running off with what they have acquired.

Some do get in, but many get out why because they may not  be adequately positioned to handle the pressures of work, strangling them out of their newfound job, others go in with high demands and unacceptable behaviors setting bad precedents whiles marring the trust of Business owners and the appeal for their kind.

But there are success stories worth replicating here in Ghana by many cooperate firms and Government (both past and  the current) where young lads have been offered leadership roles in the various Capacities and levels of Governance, beyond the Country,  the case of David Litt, who became Speechwriter for  former U.S President  Barak Obama at the age 24 was a highlight for me.

Our aim as millennial is to change the perceptions and thought of negativity held against us by setting the standards high everywhere we go,  of course there are few bad nut in every palm cob. but there a few rough gems in there with the ideas to turn your business around. Find one..










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