[GH] Politico-fiction.. a new trend?

If you love pulsating politico- fiction like the kinds by Jeffery archer, David Baldacci or  Sidney Sheldon. I trust your would love this “playground” of mine my interest is to tale the Ghanaian politcal scape with twist and  whiles entrenching development interest with  candour. Very little light has been shed on political fictions largely  in the art storytelling in Ghana and a such, gapped the link such a tool plays in pressuring governments and influencing advocacy in the country. My first write up titled ” No Perfect Man”  recounts the role and influence the media played in the just ended elections and off course as a writer played around “imaginative” turn of events.

I intend to introduce  the book ten  (10) chapters at a time on the blog. However am willing to give out a galley copy  for those who contact me  personally. As a novice, my interest is to improve on subsequent write up, so don’t hesitate to pass a comment I value them keenly.  hope you Enjoy! NB:[ don’t be surprised of some typo’s not the editor’s copy].NO PERFECT MAN, C 1-10