My Faith VRS The Hogwarts sequels.

20 years ago, an unending story began, it was a story of a  “Messiahed” Wizard who was to end the reign of the most vicious wizard of all time, a story loved by so many, so much it took seven years to eclipse and with many more extracts following the main event throughout the process.

I personally loved the Harry Potter story, so much that I had autographed photo, one of my priced item, until it got defaced through some horrendous accident. Back in my teens harry potter was not just a story, knowing a few spells and enchanted portions could earn you a date with  your long time crush on any Senior High School campus. but when I grew up I came to love the tales behind the Author, J.K and her battle through hard times of anxiety, rejection, and more, challenges that warranted giving up, but she urged on regardless. And on that delayed train trip to London, her “Eureka” moment came through. A true rags to  riches story. but  just like any good story, there are detracts, and on it’s 2nd decade, I look at how people of faith prejudice a “wizardry themed novel.

So why the fuzz if she wrote about  wizards, well for most cultures and faith, wizardry is not to be mentioned and any attempts to fantasize its appeal, was deemed evil, J.K herself  recounted an encounter with Arab man  who after shouted ” you will burn in hell” at her amongst many, in other instance various Christian faith had banished her for what they claimed was occultism and advised for a barn of her books  in curricular schools.

Being a northern and for that matter a Ghanaian I have witnesses the horror meted against people who are acclaimed to witches, a visit to the Gambaga witch camp 

will exemplify how my part of the world views and treats  witches( largely because they are all females). There have been times  where people with underling metal conditions have been rushed to the police station rather the hospital accused of being witches with dehumanizing  act done against them. ( funny the thought of what to charge them with).

Back to Harry Potter, so whiles reading one of the series ( the Goblet of fire) My inquisitive mum wanted to know why I kept smiling,

So I showed her the back photo saying “this woman has written a nice book about witches and I wished you could have read it ( My mum could barely read past three lettered words but am always proud of her passion to learn more)

Then she replied,

she even look like one, I hope you are not one too ?

We laughed it off jovially, but it was the norm when we were growing up to if you ever did anything surprising you were taunted to be one.

But I also asked the question was harry potter just about wizardry, No there was more to the story than just that asides the overwhelming literary creation the book brought into being, the bedrock of the story to me was more about sacrifice and perseverance, when Harry realized what he calling was he never reclined he did all he could to save the wizard world, and this is a story that has similitude In many faiths and traditions.











Gamble in the Gulf, a thrilling masterpiece; suspense, murder, love; all in one.

My attempt at writing a feminine inspired thriller based in the Arab world … hope you enjoy my opening ……

It had been 8 years, six month and three days into her life of hiding, she kept tabs, day and night since  it  happened, the indecent that change everything for her, her family, her life. Now she sought shelter in a foreign land, deep under the cover of dusty Gulf deserts. her pick was faultless, it had done the job of keeping her safe for the years, but she also knew  there was a bounty oh her head out there, alive not dead and even thought the talks about her and the tragedy  had died down, she never compromised with her protocols, how to live a new life, a life whose past was fame and glamour, a life of an award-winning  model accused of butchering his husband to death; a heir to dictatorial regime whose wealth and ties made everything possible,

She had to do more to survive.  that was now the life of Francesca Mann a name synonymous with two things, beauty and a beast. 

Her name was now  Arwah,  Arwah  El wahsh, loosely meaning “beauty the monster” she loved it the moment she thought of it and luckily she found a way to hide behind it with closure in the gulf and in Arabic.

Her Grey satin niqabi gave her full body clad, armoring her against the stares and prominence she enjoyed in her previous life, and for a glamour model that meant her life had come to a stand.

The post Jum’ah rush had picked up just as she exited into the fruit and vegetable market in Dammam, it was mid of June and the heat waves and humidity levels were unbearable, with periodic sandstorm sweeping blindly without care for anything in its part. it was a perfect day for a poolside sun tan, but she knew she couldn’t.

Sallam, she spoke flawlessly, Persian Arabic and Farsi like she had been born with it she learnt all that  by herself, blending perfectly like and Arab,  her disguise was full proof,  so she thought, but little did she notice the eyes that had been stealthily tailing her for months, her stalker, she passed by  him and a few Vendors as she moved deeper into the market, little did she know her end was tonight, she had been made.


first job first love, waiting tables; traits and qualities I stole on the job.

After Tertiary in Ghana and most part of the world all student are mandate to undertake a year-long compulsory state sponsored  internship programme dubbed  “National service”  ideally intended to instill patriotism and a way contributing to society until it lost it purpose, but that is a conversation for another day. My write up today tales how I stumble into the hospitality industry, and how I fell in love with it, I call it the fine-tuning stage of my life.

At first, it was a bit uncomfortable for me, not only did I know nothing about the trade, It was my first time experiencing  such a bustling work environment and for a “shy Joe” like I was then, I had issues fitting in at a go. But thanks to the efforts and coaching of many Individuals whose naming could take another day, I took to it like a duck to water.

Today I sit far from the Hotel and the Industry for that matter, I have had other jobs, over the years not related to its activities, but thanks to what I gathered whiles on the job I am adequately equipped for any challenge.

The first thing your learn as a waiter is patience, the kind it takes to see a cocoon morph and just as the name of the trade, your duty is to wait on your Guests’ needs  at his “beck and call” they call it, as always, this was a test of ones Ego and composure, but you must endeavor to deliver at all times.

Before I took the waiter job everyone who knew me  could tell I had self-esteem issues, I could barely speak to anyone outside my close circle of friends and much worst when it  came to the opposite sex, even though I haven’t completely gotten over that fear, I can confidently say I am far a better version that my pervious self and constantly bridging the gap a day at a time. Additionally, I was able to relate to different people from diverse backgrounds and personalities, so whether it was business travelers from the Gulf,  Students  from Europe and Australia or Sun seekers from Lebanon, there was always something to share or talk about.

lastly, the trait to smile regardless, of course there are days your tummy might ache, or you just don’t feel like talking but for a waiter there is no such thing like a bad day, your quirks are always hidden, you walk around with a “sixth sense” and thus a divided mind is more or less recipe for a bad remark and for where I worked (a four star milt-national chain) good was the benchmark.

There were some that were just add ons, poise and deportment, neatness, and the ability to sell, the gratuity was the icing on the cake.

my highs were when guest  will asked of your Name, after a fruitful encounter, then you can tell they have cherished your company, the nostalgia still lingers in my mind years on.check out the first job of your favorite celebs

Accra-Guangzhou-Accra, How Our quest for everything cheap could be Our end: plastic in my rice.

Our special today is synthetic jollof rice served with collagen injected chicken sauce.

Don’t be surprised, this could be the real deal behind the jargons at your favorite eatery.

Over the weekend and the throughout the month, there has been videos and photos of people realizing their favorite rice meals were actually plastic, for some  it was after a gulp or two,  and the sheer awe for  me was why on earth would someone do such a thing? from the producer to the importer to the chef who cooked it ? didn’t someone notice it was plastic?

funny enough I had  a bowl full of rice just before coming to work and my thought were unsettling could I have also been the next victim?, I couldn’t wait to get home. gracefully after putting my left overs through rigorous testing schemes it passed the test it was real jasmine rice.

The bigger question is who do we blame, China?

where it is more than mere speculation, the origin of such schemes, there has been phony import of almost every thing, beads, textiles & fabric, even Our trademarked “Kente” wasn’t spared. but are they to blame? for a country that allows Intellectual property (IP) counterfeiting and a global manufacturing hub  you are sure to come across knockoffs and fakes however the move from personal effect and electronic gadgets to edibles is disheartening

Secondary School Economics taught us that, demand rises with price  but these nefarious Chinese businesses don’t follow this principle, they will rather keep price stable and pay for the cost of production through ploys like these.

So didn’t the importer see the rice was plastic?

well so long as he or she is not the one eating  they don’t care that much, besides these are mostly  well to do people who would eat the best of the best ( probably local brown rice in this case ) whiles the poor and the ignorant suffer.

For a country which abounds in wetlands and fertile grounds for almost everything that grows it is surprising and shameful when you learn the tonnage of rice we import yearly,  “this fake rice” saga is not just a scare on our health, its repercussions digs deeper as rice has become our favorite staple.  And for the ordinary consumer, don’t be a  price tag buyer, it’s a cheap bargain for your health.



“millennials”: underestimated or misunderstood? a modern day dilemma.

“Unfortunately, we are unable to employ you, your skill sets and experience levels are below average”. If you have ever been rejected after a well sought after job  then you might have come across my opening line or a better phrased one, well I have and it had a toll on but sitting here today, I am proud because I learn a thing or two from it.

My story today tries to counter the varied arguments that 21st century businesses, raised about employing “inexperienced” grads, the battle between Experience and Esprit.

The break point as usual is how much they know, of course why should one employ someone who has little or no expertise at their expense, you would have to orient, train and this valuable time that managers may not have,  once they settle there is always the risk of them running off with what they have acquired.

Some do get in, but many get out why because they may not  be adequately positioned to handle the pressures of work, strangling them out of their newfound job, others go in with high demands and unacceptable behaviors setting bad precedents whiles marring the trust of Business owners and the appeal for their kind.

But there are success stories worth replicating here in Ghana by many cooperate firms and Government (both past and  the current) where young lads have been offered leadership roles in the various Capacities and levels of Governance, beyond the Country,  the case of David Litt, who became Speechwriter for  former U.S President  Barak Obama at the age 24 was a highlight for me.

Our aim as millennial is to change the perceptions and thought of negativity held against us by setting the standards high everywhere we go,  of course there are few bad nut in every palm cob. but there a few rough gems in there with the ideas to turn your business around. Find one..









[GH] Politico-fiction.. a new trend?

If you love pulsating politico- fiction like the kinds by Jeffery archer, David Baldacci or  Sidney Sheldon. I trust your would love this “playground” of mine my interest is to tale the Ghanaian politcal scape with twist and  whiles entrenching development interest with  candour. Very little light has been shed on political fictions largely  in the art storytelling in Ghana and a such, gapped the link such a tool plays in pressuring governments and influencing advocacy in the country. My first write up titled ” No Perfect Man”  recounts the role and influence the media played in the just ended elections and off course as a writer played around “imaginative” turn of events.

I intend to introduce  the book ten  (10) chapters at a time on the blog. However am willing to give out a galley copy  for those who contact me  personally. As a novice, my interest is to improve on subsequent write up, so don’t hesitate to pass a comment I value them keenly.  hope you Enjoy! NB:[ don’t be surprised of some typo’s not the editor’s copy].NO PERFECT MAN, C 1-10