Where are our Billionaires under 30?


Africa’s Youngest Billionaire is 43 years old Mohammed Dewji.

Forbes Africa.

It looks odd to have the word ‘young’ and ’43’ in a sentence but that is the reality, that continent with 63% of its overall population below the age of 25 has its youngest billionaire approaching his 50th birthday.

 I know  I know, it’s a billion we are talking here and  Unless you are to inherit an estate or an heir sitting in line for your turn to a dynastical wealth, amassing wealth to a billion is no easy achievement anywhere and especially in Africa where prevailing conditions constraint even life’s basic.

Out here, talents are underrated leading many to ditch their passions for professions just so they could live meaningfully.

So what has led to this deficiency? Is it with our social setup or our naturing processes? There is a general thinking out there, that young minds have very little to offer and thus one has to be grown before they can contribute meaning.  Although some cultures seem to encourage youthful role-playing many more limit their role in society to only the age of adolescence and in some case having little to say even in matters that directly affect them.  

The trend now among many young minds in Ghana and largely across the sub-region is the rush for ‘quick money’. many now are engaged in fraudulent schemes, ritual money, with others risking their lives through the Sahel as economic migrants for menial jobs in Europe, a sad reality and a drain of resourceful minds of the continent.

Could this also be a defect our educational system and the way we tutored? in this day and age where everyone is encouraged to think outside the box, knowledge acquisition by most students in deprived areas are limited to books, they learn everything about a computer at the turn of pages. and are we to expect any next-gen tech savvy’s if this is our input? Elsewhere, there are stories of people in their teens holding Doctorates could this be a possible for a Ghanaian teen?

Basic infrastructure and personnel are woefully inadequate with gaps far worse in deprived communities and underdeveloped nations. Yet we pride ourselves with fancy tags, ‘the hope of the future’ the ‘next big thing’, a key feature of the African Union (AU) Agenda 2063 is to ”Empower women and youth to fulfill the African Dream’‘ are we making the bed for that dream?

Could it be with our government and statutory Institutions? Is their belief in the youth mere talk or adding to the global chorus? Many brilliant ideas lay in many minds, brilliant ideas which are gradually fading as a result of funding and technical Support.

If you’re lucky to surmount these challenges government taxes and many may soon send you packing and with a hostile start-up environment in many fields and sectors, the chances of the exuberant young mind surviving is slimming by each the day.

I use myself as an example, I have always had the passion to write, but never followed it through perhaps if I had, and not feared the outcomes, who knows maybe a Dan Brown or James Patterson? Food for thought.   


Dear Black people…


Dear black people,

As the ships set sail, so did your rights.

This land is free for All; home for the bold, but not your kith and kin.

 You were brought forth to till and labour

Now you emancipate; you share my faith and eat my cake.

Dear black people,

You stood through it all, turning my fallow into carse,

You found you a purpose,  so I found new, detours.

And soon You broke the yoke, calling for dignity, rights and more.

You say now, I say how? You tout, I tether.

Dear black people,

You clung on, after wave and wave of peril,

marginalized and annihilated,  yet you sprawled,

 Singing in your desolate Boroughs, “you shall overcome”.

So I changed your fate and put your face to every crime and case.

Dear black people,

Its today, not your birthday nor your distant land, but I see you frolicking

Not so long you rule, so now you question my rule.

leaning my grip further and further out, so  I resort, to tactics that results.

Putting fear in the minds of many, now see, your life lies in my grips and clicks.

Dear black people,

I’ll never rest, I’ll never quench,

This is my land, go home to yours, where We brought you from.

If 400 years did not wither you out, I wonder, what now?

All, I am left now is to blacklist you, You and your Kind.


Ib Bakar, Black-listed

The good and the not so good; public protest a nudge or a noodge ?

Omar al-Bashir: Sudan military coup topples ruler after protests.


‘Yellow vest’ protests cause €170 million damage.


Our world is gradually tilting, under the scope of free speech powered by social media, this is the force powering public uproar and uprising lately in the especially in  Africa. We have seen the might and magnitude of a charged public protest as its effects are toppling tyrannies and dysfunctional leaders faster than any election could have, Mugabe, Zuma, Bouteflika, and now al-Bashir.

The Arab spring unquestionably woke a sleeping giant, a ferocious public
protest feed by the frustrations of the masses who felt election as a means of
revoking dysfunctional governments and tyrannies became ineffective. Now, the world is gradually becoming cognizant of a new estate and undoubtedly the most powerful, an override switch in the hands of the mere citizenry,  that can be deployed at every hour of the day. 

As a proponent of free speech, this should have been a celebratory piece, written
to the many who championed the cause, risking their lives and their freedoms,
living through unthinkable hardship for years until the moment of awakening,
far from that my concern is how the act of public protestation is gradually transforming into a weapon with very little safety controls and it appears the genie is out of the jar, as France’s yellow vest protesters are a vivid example of the not so good side of public protest.

Unpopular economic decisions such as austerity packages and cuts have
always resulted to protest in France in the past, but the persistence of yellow
vest protesters has led to shifting stance by the Macron governments whose initial response to the Crisis was to run it out of steam by disregarding them, they learnt and the world learnt too, never undermine the power of the sixth estate. Now they are calling for his removal and he is settling to share power with them.

Is this “tool”, set to strengthen or cripple democracies? For many places in Africa where governments were either collapsed or its leader toppled, it was as a result of economic mismanagement, human rights infringements or both. Oftentimes, because these overthrows happen swiftly, there are very little or no  coordination of transition, leaving an unguarded vacuum which in turn starts the cycle again, sometimes worse off  like in the Libya Scenario, turning the who cause a waste.

But I am of the strong conviction that Sudan will be a different tale, much better its past. And to the reaming “old guards”, leave peacefully, for Winter is coming!



What is with America and Dreams Coming through?

My family arrived in this country, with nothing but the clothes on their backs with $6 and change.

When I began to script this post, the initial title I thought of was why wasn’t the America dream possible everywhere?  But moments into writing I knew I had to amend the heading, for it fell short of acknowledging the land and its people for being in the lead as a “paradise” for dreamers.

The insert captures the story of an Indian family who migrated to America in the late ’90s and although their account of only having”$6 and change” appears massaged, it may not be too far from the truth or perhaps maybe the truth.

So I began my usual “wasteful pondering” which lead me to this piece, would these family be telling the same story if they Stayed say in Mumbai or any of India’s sprawling cities? What are the odds of making it anywhere else in the world with the equivalence of $6? Is the opportunity in the land or the minds of its people?

Fast forward to 2018, the story of this humble Indian family epitomizes the promise of America as hope for all dreams, they are behind a fast-rising, eatery chain with up to 30 Restaurants nationwide, and a few franchises elsewhere in Europe, Today their Son travels the world inspiring others of how their family overturned, their struggles into success, stories worth sharing.

I bet there more stories, equally as riveting as that of this Indian family, Stories of the many migrants who travelled to America from everywhere, Latinos, African, Irish, Jews, Chinese, Italians, all seeking something but hopeful that the one place where everything you dreamed had a much higher chance of manifesting was the United States.

Amidst the heightened levels of racial discrimination and scorn towards many minorities’ groupings, one would have thought this would have deterred many, but you would be surprised which country is the first point of call for many people seeking greener pastures, and the story in my country Ghana is always a surprising tale. Many people gather huge sums of money and pursue dubious channels all in attempts to reach the land “blessed” unparalleled opportunity and promises. And when they fail, are denied, or get deported, they come back to begin it all over again. Here failure no matter the times is never a hindrance.

So how is all this possible? It is wholly not the “God factor”, frankly, America is not the “best fit” example for a nation whose steps are ordained by a higher being, and neither is it entirely pegged on higher intellect, because research touts countries such as Japan India and many in the Scandinavian Region ahead of the US in Department of intellect per capita. Maybe it’s the resource, the land and the people, but we know Africa has the richest natural resource deposits in the world, if you believed all these successes are as a result of strong institutions and systems, that Americans are a people who are powered by the dedication that everything you believe is possible to, then this will surprise you.

As of 2015, 45.1 Million of the 321 Million Americans were Immigrants with 10.5 Million as Unauthorized Immigrants. To put that in proper Scalar perspective the Unauthorized Migrant population if it were a country will rank 89th in world population index behind Portugal.

I eclipse my write with far more questions that I began with, if it is neither the faith nor the land, it should have been its people, (stressing largely on the immigrant population) and if it is the people why is what they are able to achieve on the land is nearly or equally impossible in most cases elsewhere. Something must be the key.

Usually, I climax with a purview of a consensus gathered, through my readings and research but this eludes me, maybe the recipe behind success stories of the many, like that of the Indian Family is a result of many, a combination of the zeal of immigrant who works tirelessly because they know it’s possible and the land which present opportunity although not always equal, it is limitless. And the people on who these dreams are anchored. For one thing is certain, there will always be room for one more Success story in America.

6 life lessons Chess taught Me; Moves off the chequered board.

Checkmate! The unquestionable sound of surrender re-echoed over centuries is still spine-chilling at heard even today as always. The Game that was otherwise reserved for Emperor’s and Warriors for its stratagem and power play is now a leading past time for the average man or woman and AI alike. And for those who were able to take the fun a step further, there is now opening to reel in many benefits as Chess is growing into a paying sport with increasing patronage and sponsorships each year.

There has long been a difference on exactly where Chess began or originated from but undoubtedly there is no challenge on its Indo- Pacific and oriental roots with every major civilization adding on to its development to date. A game of chess is easily enjoyed with very little constraints, it knows no language, race, or faith, and best enjoyed mute as possible computations are sure to run your mind into ‘subtle madness‘.

Somewhere last, I decided to Venture the online domain of chess play, to see if my self-taught lessons and tactics were ripe for the global market, and oh boy I was wrong. But after a year and a few games, (well ‘few’ seems like an inconsistent word. because I have played over 1,000 games but in Chess that is still beginner Stat.) I must say I am a better player in various aspects of my play and even though you may not find my name on many leaderboards or rating system, I applaud my decision.

But the game is not all about chequered boards, Strange looking pieces and a barrage confusing rules one has to keep up at the move of each piece. The complexity of its gameplay make its similar to the game of life, After all, the pieces are figurines of actual life in many comparisons, and although there many quotes and inference drawn from the game into actual life, These are a few of what Chess taught me.

Create your first impression like it was your last resort.

Although openings are a prelude to what is to happen in the main game, there are essentially the bases on which subsequent advancement are hinged, they are like the first impressions of our everyday life and one must endeavour to always leave a lasting impression and just as in chess and life so good impressions are somewhat difficult to correct and may remain.

Never undermine, for that is how great Conquers lose.

As always when it’s evident that one is better off in comparison to the other, we are always quick to deploy a silly human trait of looking down on the perceived entity deemed to be weak, and this has been the downfall of many great men on and off the board. Thankfully all chess players know this code, In 2004, 14-year-old Magnus Carlsen was a young prodigy who forced a draw from Undoubted the greatest chess player alive Garry Kasparov. Although Gary went ahead to win the Tournament everybody in chess remembers his near miss.

Be patient but be cognizant of time.

In the mind of every chess player is always the battle with time and the fear of lost time but the greater challenge lie in the skill to make, reasonable and the best possible move under the limited time at your disposal. In the end, our lives are all but an aggregate of our best choices.

Know the cost of every opportunity.

Life with all it hurdles often rewards us with opportunities, in various forms and levels of satisfaction but as always there should be an employ of care to ascertain what truly lies beneath any openings. At times what appears to free is a bait to a discovered attack and just like chess, one must endeavor to take life prospects with foresight, circumspect and all the intended caution.

The King has Value the Queen has Power.

In chess play there is clearly a difference between what has power and what possess value, the King is the Piece with all the value, capture the king and the game is over, however, the queen is the most powerful with its potency overpowering every piece in an attack. yet the world as seen today has sidelined the inclusion of ‘Women’ in various aspect of development, so I ask is it the case of the fear of her power or that we are failing to use the most powerful piece in our Arsenal?

Born a pawn? Don’t worry just work hard.

Oftentimes, when we find ourselves to be at the disadvantage of life we turn to lose hope, blaming and criticizing why were are a certain way or do not possess what others have. But Equity has never been the theme of life and thus, success in life is practically a result of hard work and determination. So when the poor pawn worked hard he has his reward; to be anything, and the story is same for you too.

Chess, like life, has a certain end.

Even before we are born, one thing is certain about each of us each, someday we are all going to be checkmated by death. So whether you are the King or the Queen or the Bishop or a Pawn for that matter, you end is inevitable but make sure you would have left a life of honour, up until then.

I have always longed for the day my ratings attain the heights of the great players but until then I will keep up to the only surety to that dream, just us the great did; learn more. But notwithstanding that hope, the Game has taught me more to life and myself, even as a novice.

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Trial and Error, the theory behind Mortal leap.

A short story of the little bird on the ledge.

I watched on as the little birds struggle for hours, trying to break the bounds of his nest. Fluttering his frail wings, it peered out of the hollow globe nest clutching a few straws tightly in its claws.

‘‘Be careful” am sure the mother twittered, as she flew back into the nest.

‘‘Mum, can’t we do this when I am much grown?’’  I imagined will be the question on its pea sized brain.

‘‘No son, this is a bird’s way’’. She retorted back to his Fledgling chick.

‘‘But my wings are too weak Mum, they hurt every time I try”. The young bird cried out,

  And what is this birds way mum?

‘‘birds are born to fly son” she answered the budding chick.

Let me tell you the story of how l learnt to fly. She added. The young bird was filled with joy as always for he loved her mum’s stories.

‘‘Okay Okay’’ he said twiddling around.

But you would have to promise me that you will try your flying lessons after the story, the mum coaxing him into a deal.

‘‘Again?’’ The young bird shot back ‘‘I thought we agreed to do it when I got older?’’.

‘‘Alright deal’’ he agreed after a long pause.

 Mum always made him do things through juicy deals and pacts. She cleared her gullet, assuming voiceses of the the characters of the stories with drama, all to the admiration of the young bird.

It was a day just like today, bright and calm, and not far from here I came out of the shell like you did weeks ago, I wasn’t alone like you are I had brothers and sisters who were hours older than me, and in birds time that was a whole lot.

I was always the last to eat and got very little of what was left so when it came the time to fly, everybody did besides me, I was scared just like you are today. I questioned my mum too, why build a nest so high when so that we have to fly?

‘‘What did she say?’’ The young bird asked for answers

‘‘I was told it was the bird’s way’’, she answered ‘‘just like everything we do’’.

 For days I struggled, failing many times  and feeling sore after every try. I kept pondering why are we not born flying? Why all the toil learning to fly ,Why do we have to learn everything?  Why do we fail at lives simplest often at many times?

But all got from my mum was the same line, that it was bird’s way. The young bird could hardly believe his mum once struggled with flying just like himself.

Then one morning, I summed all my strengths and my mind, I was going to fly that day.

So I flocked my wings, harder and harder until suddenly I felt the surge I was flying!! The mother simulated.  

Through it all I learnt that, the only way to learn is by trying. You may fail after numerous tryout but that is the only way to achieve anything. Maybe that is the birds way she added.

The little birds was moved as always, he loved her mum’s stories but he definitely love this one more.

‘‘Alright time to try again’’ said the mother, “and this time swing your wings harder and faster”.

The young bird approached the crown of the nest, ‘flap flap! He swooshed his wings through the air.

Harder and harder just like his mother asked of him. Then he felt a surge and a  lift.

“look mum” he shouted out with joy.

“it worked, Am flying”

“You are son” the mum replied with just as much joy as his son

”and that is the bird’s way”, she added.

what therefore is a man’s Way ?bird

The Last Stand, Faith v Feminism.

This post may portray sensitive views.

Many faiths today are at crossroads, there is a challenge on their
patriarchal belief and norms, and a question of feminine exclusion since the conception of faith and religion.

The notion of a female pope is could no longer be fantasy, there are feminine rabbi in U.K and Europe and the spring of female-led Masjid in the Scandinavia and some part of Asia, and this is gaining support in secular jurisdictions.

Although these may be seen by the conservatives and the fundamentals as Hersey, it undeniable that times are changing, a thus repulsion and denounce of what deem religious ‘avant-gardism’ or radical thinking won’t be the solution. Democracy, Freedoms and Equality, values and sought after in our everyday lives have found its way into our worship grounds lifting the masks off the many carnages that went silent in the past. setting the stage for a new debate; Faith V Feminism, you are the jury.

Although such discuss is barred and considered by many as is a violation of ‘screed’ tenets of faiths, a Sacrilegious act for that matter. We can’t deny its gaining voice out there day by day isssue after issue.

I will be quick to add, that religion and faith are built not on whims and caprices, for some you don’t wear what you like or eat what you like, they have guiding principles and rules just like many other setups, and what most of these rules do is to suppress our will and action. Therefore, if free will is your thing, sorry this is not cut for you.

However, for centuries, many of these patriarchal faiths have recused the role of the woman to the backbench both in the helm of control in the many circles. Even in their everyday social lives there seem to be some sideline is this because the holy books ordained so, or is it just plainly ‘men playing God’?

At this stage, I know many will be ready to rival my standpoints with quotes and reference on why is such and so, and many, probably thinking a confusing state for faith. I am not, these faiths establish that notion in practices. And, there are some of these acts prohibited that have no grounds or were practiced in the past.

Today Saudi women can drive, a milestone, after years of banning. Like the many fought in the past, suffrage rights, the fight against violence, equal pay with many are still ongoing, In this day and Age, some even see educating young girls an abominable act.

Maybe we haven’t handled the issues of women with all sincerity, we have veiled their request for the enjoyment of the same statues we freely enjoy. Delineating them sometimes without bases, and as always when people feel they have been restricted unreasonable, there has always been repelling. I guess that’s for challenging the religious the status quo.