Dear Black people…


Dear black people,

As the ships set sail, so did your rights.

This land is free for All; home for the bold, but not your kith and kin.

 You were brought forth to till and labour

Now you emancipate; you share my faith and eat my cake.

Dear black people,

You stood through it all, turning my fallow into carse,

You found you a purpose,  so I found new, detours.

And soon You broke the yoke, calling for dignity, rights and more.

You say now, I say how? You tout, I tether.

Dear black people,

You clung on, after wave and wave of peril,

marginalized and annihilated,  yet you sprawled,

 Singing in your desolate Boroughs, “you shall overcome”.

So I changed your fate and put your face to every crime and case.

Dear black people,

Its today, not your birthday nor your distant land, but I see you frolicking

Not so long you rule, so now you question my rule.

leaning my grip further and further out, so  I resort, to tactics that results.

Putting fear in the minds of many, now see, your life lies in my grips and clicks.

Dear black people,

I’ll never rest, I’ll never quench,

This is my land, go home to yours, where We brought you from.

If 400 years did not weather you out, I wonder, what now? 

All, I am left now is to blacklist you, You and your Kind.


Ib Bakar, Black-listed


The Last Stand, Faith v Feminism.

This post may portray sensitive views.

Many faiths today are at crossroads, there is a challenge on their
patriarchal belief and norms, and a question of feminine exclusion since the conception of faith and religion.

The notion of a female pope is could no longer be fantasy, there are feminine rabbi in U.K and Europe and the spring of female-led Masjid in the Scandinavia and some part of Asia, and this is gaining support in secular jurisdictions.

Although these may be seen by the conservatives and the fundamentals as Hersey, it undeniable that times are changing, a thus repulsion and denounce of what deem religious ‘avant-gardism’ or radical thinking won’t be the solution. Scrutiny and accountability, values and seek in our public lives have found its way into our worship grounds especially in this age of Democracy, Freedoms and Equality. lifting the masks off the many carnages that went silent in the past. setting the stage for a new debate; Faith V Feminism, you are the jury.

Although such discuss is barred and considered by many as is a violation of ‘screed’ tenets of faiths, a Sacrilegious act for that matter. We can’t deny its gaining voice out there day by day isssue after issue.

I will be quick to add, that religion and faith are built not on whims and caprices, for some you don’t wear what you like or eat what you like, they have guiding principles and rules just like many other setups, and what most of these rules do is to suppress our will and action. Therefore, if free will is your thing, sorry this is not cut for you.

However, for centuries, many of these patriarchal faiths have recused the role of the woman to the backbench both in the helm of control in the many circles. Even in their everyday social lives there seem to be some sideline is this because the holy books ordained so, or is it just plainly ‘men playing God’?

At this stage, I know many will be ready to rival my standpoints with quotes and reference on why is such and so, and many, probably thinking a confusing state for faith. I am not, these faiths establish that notion in practices. And, there are some of these acts prohibited that have no grounds or were practised in the past.

Today Saudi women can drive, a milestone, after years of banning. Like the many fought in the past, suffrage rights, the fight against violence, equal pay with many are still ongoing, In this day and Age, some even see educating young girls an abominable act.

Maybe we haven’t handled the issues of women with all sincerity, we have veiled their request for the enjoyment of the same statues we freely enjoy. Delineating them sometimes without bases, and as always when people feel they have been restricted unreasonable, there has always been repelling. I guess that’s for challenging the religious the status quo.

Where are our Billionaires under 30?

Africa’s Youngest Billionaire is 43 years old Mohammed Dewji.

Forbes Africa.

It looks odd to have the word ‘young’ and ’43’ in a sentence but that is the reality, that continent with 63% of its overall population below the age of 25 has its youngest billionaire approaching his 50th birthday.

 I know  I know, it’s a billion we are talking here and  Unless you are to inherit an estate or an heir sitting in line for your turn to a dynastical wealth, amassing wealth to a billion is no easy achievement anywhere and especially in Africa where prevailing conditions constraint even life’s basic.

Out here, talents are underrated leading many to ditch their passions for professions just so they could live meaningfully.

So what has led to this deficiency? Is it with our social setup and naturing processes? There is generally thinking out there, that young minds have very little to offer and thus one has to be grown before they can contribute meaning.  Although some cultures seem to encourage youthful role-playing many more limit their role in society to only the age of adolescence and in some case having little to say even in matters that directly affect them.   

 The trend now amongst many young minds in Ghana and largely across the sub-region is the rush for ‘quick money’. many now are engaged in fraudulent schemes, ritual money, with others risking their lives through the Sahel as economic migrants for menial jobs in Europe, a sad reality and a drain of resourceful minds of the continent.

Could this also be a defect our educational system and the way we tutored? in this day and age where everyone is encouraged to think outside the box, knowledge acquisition by most students in deprived areas are limited to books, they learn everything about a computer at the turn of pages. and are we to expect any next-gen tech savvy’s if this is our input? Elsewhere, there are stories of people in their teens holding Doctorates could this be a possible for a Ghanaian teen?

Basic infrastructure and personnel are woefully inadequate with gaps far worse in deprived communities and underdeveloped nations. Yet we pride ourselves with fancy tags, ‘the hope of the future’ the ‘next big thing’, a key feature of the African Union (AU) Agenda 2063 is to ”Empower women and youth to fulfil the African Dream’‘ are we making the bed for that dream?

Could it be with our government and statutory Institutions? Is their belief in the youth mere talk or adding to the global chorus? Many brilliant ideas lay in many minds, brilliant ideas which are gradually fading as a result of funding and technical Support.

If you’re lucky to surmount these challenges government taxes and many may soon send you packing and with a hostile start-up environment in many fields and sectors, the chances of the exuberant young mind surviving is slimming by each the day.

I use myself as an example, I have always had the passion to write, but never followed it through perhaps if I had, and not feared the outcomes, who knows maybe a Dan Brown or James Patterson? Food for thought.   

Today’s “Demo-Crazy” is it the End in Sight?

The Local Square

Democracy has been touted to be the fine line between sanity and hysteria. For years, it has been the modus through which sovereignty is forged and runs on the basic principle of inclusion; that the voice of the potentate and the popper carry the same weight.

It is apparent that the democracy of the early days such as those practiced in the ancient Greek and Roman states will be a far cry of what it stands for today, even though it echoes the same sentiments of equity, representation and populist sovereignty. these have been further forged through a continuous tryout, war and uprising and the shift in time. For ones the World had a cure.

Democracy worked practically everywhere and anywhere, it could work for both the experienced and the newbies, the rich or poor states, it could even run alongside Monarchs and oligarchs. It was seen as faultless, a…

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Menzgold,“fools gold”; how a Ponzi exposed the weakness in Us all.

It is estimated that about 1.8 Million Ghanaian’s are embroiled in the MenzGold Saga with up $200 Million at stake.

Reported on New file, JOY TV GHANA.

I will spare you the needless financial jargons.

6 Years into an ‘ear soothing’ investment scheme, the kind that mocked the baking industry for not being venturing, but rather repugnant, as it promised of study returns and greater rewards drew in the customers. The one that challenged regulators codes and ethics with guts and fury, and charmed many with stories of Gold bars, Gold Vaults and Gold Coins. An evolving story with unending twist and turns. This was the Menzgold story, now ‘Fool’s Gold’, grab a seat if you love Drama.   

Ghanaians trouped in, just as ‘we’ do with everything, the news was that there was a new way to make cheap, easy money.  In fact, you could use your Child’s fees as seed and watch as it reaps results, seemingly free cash. Back then, they thought ‘HE’ was the ‘Fool’, together with everyone who sounded caution. Now they know.

I could go on and one to retell a tale you know too well. But this will achieve me nothing.  Because the harm has already been done, ‘the free milk’ was apparently not so free. It was a scam, as we are now allowed to call.

 Initially, that was a quandary, maybe because of its glittering gold-plated offices or because it went around recruiting the faces and names of people we knew too well.   Now it a fact, it was all a scam whether it offered jobs or made donations. And that is what scams do, they deceive by pretence. How surprising, clients today ask the government to act when they fought against the Bank of Ghana, (BOG) for looming doom. Hashtag istandwithMenzgold.

 The truth is this wasn’t a scam of 1.8 million customers, it was a scam of the 24 million Ghanaians, you and I included. A scam of our Institutions and systems. BOG, SEC, Minerals Commission, all of the above.

Although a layman, it wasn’t hard to tell even our checks and systems were evaded by Menzgold otherwise why will a regulator who’s mandate it is to curtail the initiation of scams like these wait for it acquire a license, build tactics, and grow customers up to a million and over, before they act ? Their excuse of oh you can just shut it down like that doesn’t add up. Why wait for a zit to grow into cancer before you dally with a conundrum?

It fooled our systems and it put bare its supervisory weakness, It was merely a sleeping dog at the watch.

To some, this was a wage for the greed of their clients, the many who’s grabbiness earned them loss, but there is more, our insatiable greed coupled with impatience and the relentless pursuance of riches by all means and at all cost, totally rubbishing the consequences. Funny it is happening now, as we speak, people queues to see men of faith, who possess the pass to success, favour handkerchiefs, healing water and magic lotto numbers, the list could go on and wasting huge sum for nothing. I dare say it’s coming on that stretch too…

It’s not that they didn’t know it was a scam, they were ok because it was paying and paying quite well. Forgetting that scams always robbed the many ‘petter’s’ to pay the few ‘Paul’s’.

No one was left out of the deception plot, our religious figureheads were smiling in his shots with him, he sat beside leaders and got into high offices with ease. Ironically many are distancing themselves when trouble came, typical of us.

 I seem to blur, the lines between the CEO and the entity here, because it is, the same side of the Coin, Like the Magical Gold coin he induced us to buy.

 Need I say more, Menzgold is a lesson for everyone.

 Wishing those who lost the best of luck in their search for solace.  

Ps: I didn’t intend to rub salt in your wounds.

is there Hope for these 17.1 million?

The Local Square

There were approximately 36.9 million people worldwide living with HIV/AIDS in 2017, with 69% of people affected by the Virus Globally living in Africa.

Global HIV & AIDS statistics — 2018 fact sheet.

At the dawn of the 90′ s when researchers in the rainforest of the D.R.C stumbled on a “Pandora box” that would stun the world, the barley knew what to call it, it was unlike any other retro viral seen. Eventhough very little was know about the Genetics of the Virus then and how it zoonotically crossed form Our primate cousins into Humans, Much is known today and yet and caught in a stronghold in the fight to Contain the Epidemic.

I will redraw from engaging information spewing, a recount of Statistics known to many About  HIV/AIDS, However, I question whether there is any hope for the 17.1 million people today living in Africa living with…

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Why History will not forgive Us.

The Local Square

…People look at slavery today and ponder, how such an immoral venture to was allowed to thrive for centuries, So will Our progeny judge Us of our address today’s issues.Ib Bakar, Circled.

Are we growing wiser, or just growing tall? so questions a song, a view around the world today lingers the thoughts the song qeries; are we really learning from our past or we are just combining through the pile for precedence to act today. it startles me how we are gradually allowing ideals the past sought and fought to tame for centuries to gain grounds.

Today, there is a rise in the chants for popularism and nationalism, insurgency in hate speech and hate crimes, and a dislike for minorities in race, faith, space and identity. it’s like nothing ever changed.

It is amazing how much we all have forgotten our notes of the past, we all, Jews…

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